Book review: The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence by Jessica Ortner

Hi Happy Spirits!The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

I’m sharing a MHS book review with you this week.  I’m really excited about Jessica Ortners book: The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence and you’ll know why when you read the review and hopefully the book.

Here are some important messages I took from this book:

  • ‘No’ is a complete sentence
  • We do not lack ‘will power’ – food these days is designed to make us over eat
  • You are not a problem that needs to be ‘fixed’
  • Scientists and Mathematicians are now also chefs (there is a major truth bomb in the book review that will blow your mind)
  • A lot of us don’t feel safe to shine
  • Your physical body loves you unconditionally
  • Weight is a symptom, not the actual problem
  • We must start questioning what our food is made of
  • You are not broken
  • Jessica Ortner also has shameful food secrets

Read the full book review here: The Taping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

Let me know your thoughts, have you read the book?  What is your biggest struggle when it comes to weight loss and/or body confidence?

Disclaimer: I am not paid in any way for reviewing this book (although it would be nice to get a signed copy!)

Tash xox

Do you take life too seriously?

Hi Happy Spirits!

My focus has been on taking life a little less seriously at present.  I can’t count how many times I have been told I am too serious. People tell me to take it easy or relaaaaax theres plenty of time.  Still though, there is a rush inside of me and when I get caught up in it I’m no fun to be around because I am preoccupied, scattered and tired physically and mentally.

Does anybody else get this?  When you feel there is something you should be doing/speaking/learning/teaching but you don’t know what it is exactly and it drives you crazy because you can’t seem to find it?  Not in books, on the net or even in food!

One thing I have noticed is that I get (manic) like this when I get too involved in my head and forget the simple things that lift my vibrations and give me a good dose of positive energy.  

So I have made my go-to list when I feel Miss Serious lurking so I can have more fun and be more relaxed.


So simple and can be done anytime of the day.  When I start getting serious, frustrated and waaaay to focused on something I like to step back and say my thank yous.  Usually I like to do this before I go to sleep because I find it helps clear my mind and a restful sleep.


Music is amazing and healing and I always forget that!  Music has the ability to enhance and uplift your mood instantly.  On the other side of that is it also has the ability to make you sad, angry or depressed so watch yourself and what you are listening too because it can change your vibrations and frame of mind.  Choose happy, inspiring and motivating….what ever that is for you.


Sometimes I forget to be silly and goof around instead of trying to find the meaning of life – because I knows its here somewhere..(I actually tried to take a ‘goofy’ selfie but I got annoyed because the photo size wouldn’t work and it stopped being ‘goofy’ and looked crazy.)  Make sure to spend lots of time with the people that make you laugh so hard you cry.  You cannot be serious and laughing at the same time, trust me I’ve tried!


If you don’t already have various blogs bookmarked that you love reading then start building a list.  Think about what interests you and what you would like to learn more about and search the internet.  Here are a couple of my favourites, chances are if you are reading this then you may enjoy them too!

Kris Carr – she is the queen of all things crazy, sexy and healthy.  An absolute gem when it comes to health and wellbeing.  She also shares cute pics of her doggies on Instagram.

Marie Forleo – for getting me business savy.  Seriously this lady is goofy with a capital G, but its authentic and fun to watch, especially when the topic is business related.  I recommend subscribing to her youtube channel.

Gala Darling – to remind me to radically love myself and anytime I need bright pretty things to look at, her personality, her attitude, her clothes all electric and bright.  Shes a kiwi too!  

Belinda Davidson – to ground and bring me back to centre.  She is a medical intuitive who runs the School for the Modern Mystics – I enrolled early this year and she is teaching me all about our Chakra energy centres and White Light healing.  If you are put off by overly spiritual courses then this is your lady, to quote her “I’m a straight talking Sagittarian and a fully-fledged psychic without a woo-woo bone in my body.”  If you are interested in sampling her work, check out my affiliate link to her Chakra Cleanse Meditation this 30 minute meditation literally changed my life.

Sarah Wilson – I found her on my journey living with an Autoimmune ‘disease’ Hashimotos.  She has a quirky and honest style of writing that resonates with me and when ever I feel blue about my Hashi’s I always go have a snoop around her site.  


I know you have heard this one before, but do you know why?  Because it works.  Get outside and get some fresh air, walk where there are trees around and focus on breathing easily and fully.  If you want to get a bit crazy then take your shoes off and let your feet connect to the earth, find some dirt and squish it between your toes, it’s actually proven that connecting with the earth in this way not only grounds you but can also be a form of healing.


Again, nothing new right?  Think about what you enjoyed as a child and start doing it again!  My favourite way to get creative is in the kitchen baking treats and cooking meals from scratch.  If I’m honest not all of my creations turn out great but I have fun while doing it. 

Wishing you lots of positive energy and good vibes!  When you take the time to do things that make you happy, you inspire others to do the same. 


MHS Happiness tip #14 Liberate

Hi Happy Spirits!

Here is last weeks tip if you would like a refresher: Happiness tip #13 Music

MHS Happiness tip #14 Liberate

Liberate ~ To set free, as from imprisonment or bondage

Below is a clip from my beloved teacher Maya Angelou.  In it she talks about how we can liberate each other through love.  Heres a truth bomb for you – after watching this clip it made me think about certain people in my life that I have blamed for they way I am because they didnt show love the way I wanted or needed it.  

I began to think about how this affected my relationships and how my own actions towards them (conscious or sub-conscious) may have affected them…and it made me feel quite sad.  And so, I made a mental list and I am in the process of liberating them.  Hooray!

My chosen method is through words (surprise!) and to keep this exercise as light and easy as possible I will put my words in a birthday card when the next one rolls around.  I figured if I had to write letters to each person I would build the exercise up too much and it would seem like a big deal.  Start slow, do what you can.  It all counts.

So what will my words be?  Words that liberate!

Thank you.  I love you.  I’m sorry.  I forgive you.

Who can you liberate today?  Choose one person in your life and liberate them by using one of the above sentences, let your words be a rainbow for someone today.  Together we heal the world.

Tash xox

How to hand your worries over to Life

Hi Happy spirits!

Something very cool happened to me this week, and I have my beautiful little worry box to thank!  I love when you walk the walk and it works – phew!

I have been concentrating on creating  into the happy place of my dreams Asking for guidance and receiving miraclesand lately have been hearing a little voice in my head asking whether I should continue posting blogs while I figure all this out.  I  brought it up with my partner who immediately said “Dont stop!” but because we have a knack of ignoring the advice of our nearest and dearest (why?) I put it my worries in my worry box and handed it over to the universe for an answer (promptly please :))

Now I have to say, what I received back is what I would call magic.  Just so you can fully appreciate my miracle I’ll tell you the back story.  I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday and one of my presents from my partner was a subscription to Wellbeing magazine (he also brought me my first guitar!).  A couple of weeks later I checked my letter box while on my lunch break and found their latest edition waiting for me.  When I saw the cover I stared at it in awe for a good few minutes, it was so beautiful and so perfect, my spirit soaked it up.  And because it is their 30th birthday it was a collectors edition issue too!

 Once I finished taking in the cover I started to slowly flick trough the inside pages (Im a flick through once and read on the second/third time round kind of girl).  Alternating between a spoonful of my green smoothie and the magazine I saw something out of the corner of my eye that almost made me spit my greens on the page…

It was my name!  With a quote I had tweeted recently:

 “When you are sick of feeling stuck in your life, take action.  Start small and shake things up, change your routine, take a new class.”

Wellbeing magazine had published a tweet by @misshappyspirit and put it in their ‘Conversation Points’ page!

 My hands went straight into prayer pose and I said thank-you (100 times!)

Whats the moral of the story?  If you need help, ask.  When you are filled with worry, get it out so you can make room for positive energy and answers to come your way.  Life is waiting for you to let go and let it help you.  Ask for a sign or message loud and clear so that you can see/hear/feel it and then respect the guidance by believing it, no matter how strange it might seem at the time.

Wishing you days filled with messages and magic!

Tash xox

What to do once you’ve identified what is holding you back

Hi Happy Spirits,

This week I want to talk about what to do once you have identified what is keeping you stuck.  Last week I wrote about Being Authentic: Telling your Truth and keeping it Real and I shared an experience that lead me to discover what it is that is holding me back.

Now the what can be different for every one and it is just fear and negative energy that manifests in your daily life and it’s job is to keep you small and safe.  Problem being, small and safe doesn’t equal happy does it?  I’m talking about shifting the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs so that you can live from your happy place and chase your dreams, what ever they may be.  

We all exhibit our ‘stuck-ness’ in different ways.  Some examples of how it shows up in our lives are:

  • Poor Health
  • Bad or repetitive Relationships
  • Feeling deep Anger/Sadness/Regret/Fear 
  • Building barriers and isolating yourself
  • Feeling numb, helpless, unmotivated, tired, lethargic
  • Falling into the same cycle again and again
  • No self-esteem, confidence or self-love to make positive changes
  • Working in a job that brings no joy

Regardless of how it turns up in your life, nothing will change unless you decide that enough is enough and you are willing to see and do things differently.  When you are willing to take action, small steps at a time you will see major changes in your life – inside and out.

So, have a think about where you feel stuck and have a read of the below.  I promise if you just pick one of the below and start to incorporate the advice and affirmations into your life, you will experiences change and shift.


Life kicks off as soon as you decide to change your mind.  By that I mean, what you focus on is what you get.  You change your mind everyday, in what you have for lunch, what book you are going to read, the dress that looked fab last week…looks awful today!  Change your mind, listen to the chatterbox, interrupt when you hear its silly opinion and change it to a positive one.

Change your mind affirmation: Today I choose to see things differently and invite positive energy and new opportunities into my life


Do what you can to get what is keeping you stuck and fearful out by expressing it in a way that resonates with you.  Maybe you enjoy painting or writing, if so start doing it every time the familiar feeling of stuck comes up.  If you aren’t a writer or painter then use a worry box and write a couple of sentences and hand it over to the universe.  If you need to express your fears emotionally, cry openly for as long as you need to.  Try this exercise: When you feel tears coming up imagine a big pink bubble over your head, filling up with your tears.  When you have finished crying see the pink bubble being taken by your angels and turned into love.  When you see your grief transmuted into love, have the bubble come back to you and find yourself in the middle of the bubble being cleansed by the love inside of it.  Keep your bubble around you for as long as you want.

Get it out affirmation: I am able to express my fears and worries in a way that best helps me.  I know that by releasing what keeps me stuck I am inviting love and joy into my life.


I’ve repeated this a lot on my blog, once you start the healing process you can’t just sit back and relax.  You have to take action.  The beauty of it is that once you start to shift the negative energy that is holding you back, you can invite more positive energy in which will give you the energy and drive to take action.  Taking action doesn’t have to be a massive thing, often the action we are being guided to take is something as simple as updating our CV, having an honest conversation with a loved one, making time for more self care or paying attention to the food and toxins you are feeding your body, mind and spirit with.  Every step in your journey is guided, you just need to pay attention…which leads me to the next tip…

Take action affirmation: I expect miracles when I take positive action in my life.


Meditate.  Be still.  Just 5 minutes a day.  Breathe in breathe out  When you quiet your mind, even for a minute or so, you allow yourself to open up and hear the guidance of your helpers and higher self.  Regular meditation will fast track your healing process and keep you focused and on purpose.  Experiment with different mediation techniques until you find one that you resonate with.  Belinda Davidsons Chakra Cleanse Meditation changed my life so if you are new to mediation then I can recommend as a game changer.

Be quiet affirmation:  I happily make time to meditate daily because I know that it helps me to heal quickly.


Louise Hay is famous for her mirror talk techniques.  It is the beginning of self-love and it is powerful, even if it makes you cringe at first.  Every time you catch your reflection in the mirror, stop and say (out loud or in your head) I Love You.  Thats it.  The first few times may make you blush with embarrassment but keep going.  Soon enough the embarrassment will make way for sadness and then maybe regret…you will realise how you have neglected yourself all these years, and do you know why these emotions are coming up?  Because you are starting to love yourself.  Its beautiful.

Meet your mirror affirmation:  I love you.


If you feel like you need help kicking off the healing process, do your research and make an appointment with an energy healer.  There are so many different practices out there, some like Reiki that you can do in the comfort of your own home!  But you might be interested in experiencing how the needles in acupuncture work on the bodies energy meridians, or maybe the physical touch of massage is what you need to imagine the negative energy leaving your body.  Tapping or EFT may resonate with you. Exercise is a great way to get energy moving in your body, yoga is a great example and has been used for thousands of years to promote union between the body, mind and spirit.  Heck, just put on your shoes and walk in nature, silently asking mother nature to help you cleanse any negative energy.

Get energy moving affirmation:  I am willing to release the negative energy that holds me back by finding practices that resonate with me.  I know that I am safe while I experience different ways to heal.

If you are ready to shake up your life and invite more love and happiness in, why not choose 2 of the above suggestions and try them out for a 2 weeks…who knows what miracles might occur, let me know how you go!

Tash xox 

MHS Happiness tip #13 Music

Hi Happy Spirits!

Here is last weeks tip if you would like a refresher: Happiness tip #12 Rainbows

MHS Happiness tip #13 Music

I was reminded of power of music in Cheryl Richardsons latest news letter this week.  In it she provided a link to a beautiful song that I had heard many times, but never like this and I ending up sitting and listening to it on repeat for a good wee while!

So this message is short and sweet, plug your head phones in, press play and listen to this song,   It made my skin feel tingly, I think it is magical.

What song puts you makes your skin tingle?  Make sure to share it with me so I can put it to the tingle test!

Tash xox

Being Authentic: Telling your truth and keeping it real… challenging

Hi Happy Spirits,

I’ve been playing around with the word Authentic lately, trying to make it a practice to tell my truth or be real.  

It started at home, speaking up when something didn’t sit right with me or just being honest when I’d had an How to be authentic.  How to speak your truth.average day and was feeling a bit drained and needed help with dinner.  Everything was going well, I felt stronger and braver and felt that those around me were benefiting because I was being authentic.  Which remind’s me, did you know that when you speak the truth people tune into your energy and know that you are being real? They connect with you and the truth bomb your putting out there.  Even if they don’t agree with it, they know that you are telling the truth.  The same can be said for when you are being dishonest or unauthentic…just something to think about…

Anyway, all was going well until I was thrown into a situation without feeling prepared.  Being authentic when you are caught up in daily situations can be a little hard at first.  For example, your at lunch with work colleagues and they start talking about a hot topic, and its clear that everyone has the same opinion – so far you have remained quiet because (eek) you don’t agree, at all.  You decide to stay quiet in the hopes that no one will notice your silence, but then Kate sees you sitting there and says “What do you think, your awfully quiet?”  Yeah, thanks Kate.

What do you do?  In the space of not even one second your chatterbox goes crazy “Just agree so they move on”  “Speak up and stop being a coward”…you know the drill.

It can be hard to make the decision to give your opinion, especially if it is not agreeing with your family/friends/peers.  The hardest part for me personally was being able to say what I think and not make it sound like I’m defensive about it.  This part of being Authentic really had me stuck.

Authentic: not false or copied; genuine; real

I found out the hard way that I need to work on the delivery of my truth.  A seemingly innocent authentic-self situation presented itself one night over dinner with friends and instead of sounding calm and confident it came out defensive and angry, and it wasn’t even a serious topic.  Geez.  That shut me up for a while!

My tool to figure out where this defensive attitude that keeps me stuck comes from is Reiki.  I had a distant session with a practitioner and set the intention to initiate healing on an emotional, spiritual and/or physical level anywhere that is holding the defensive energy.  

Immediately during and after the session I started to recall memories from childhood that were stored up in a neat little bundle in my stomach.  These memories sat patiently and quietly until a situation arose where I might dare speak my truth and they would come alive and jump up and down making me feel uneasy and agitated to remind me what happens when you have a difference of opinion or god forbid you say something wrong!

And so, from my session I have something to work with – which will be the topic of next weeks post:  What to do once you’ve identified what is holding you back.

For now though, I am staying open to healing my wounded inner child and releasing old patterns and emotions so I can be the real ME, the one who cares deeply about helping others to live a happy and healthy life.

What drives me the most?  I know that spending the time to heal myself of fears and wounds inspires others to heal their fears and wounds.  Together we heal the world.  Isn’t it wonderful?!

Tash xox

Curious about Reiki and working with me?

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MHS Happiness tip #12 Rainbows

Hi Happy Spirits!

Here is last weeks tip if you would like a refresher: Happiness tip #11 Dream

MHS Happiness tip #12 Rainbows

In honour of Maya Angelou I want to dedicate this weeks happiness tip to her.  She has given so much wisdom to our world and I wanted to share a thought of hers that I heard this week…

Dr Maya Angelou talks about finding a rainbow in the clouds, we all have clouds (fears and hardships) but we can always find a rainbow by summoning all the kindness we have experienced in life – we gather our rainbows in time of need and take them with us.

And of course, its so important to remember that you may be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. 

Write down your rainbows in a gratitude journal and then send rainbows out all over the world.  Feel your energy transform.

Wishing you rainbows for your clouds.

Tash xox

How to release bottled up fears and anxieties – The Worry Box

Hi Happy Spirits!

I’ve spent the last few days pouring over words written and spoken by the beloved Maya Angelou.  In a curious twist I actually wrote last weeks post about her after coming across a youtube video of her reciting a poem…I published it a couple of days before she went to rest in heaven – the Mantra in the blog post was “Im taking peace with me”  RIP Angel.

I have been making a conscious effort to de-stress and relax the last couple of weeks.  I have had that sneaking feeling of becoming overwhelmed and frazzled – for someone with Hashimotos this is not a wise way to live!

So I sat myself down the other night and thought about what I could cross of my to-do list …and yet again I discovered that what I was so stressed about were all the daily worries and anxieties that I had build up in my head.

There are countless ways to relief stress; and I enjoy using therapies such as YogaReiki and acupuncture to get the energy flowing so positive energy can find it’s way in easily.

Simple way to relief fear and axieties

Today I wanted to share a beautiful and simple way to relieve stress and anxiety quickly…sound good?!  

I call it the Worry box.  I’ve heard it called ‘Prayer Box‘ ‘The God Box‘ and ‘The Love Box”.  You can name it anything that tickles your fancy, but the idea is simple – take the worries and anxieties out of your head, write it down and put it in the box and let it go.

The idea being that you no longer have to worry anymore because you are releasing it and handing it over to our magical universe.

What do you need?

  • A box for your worries
  • Anything that you wish to use to decorate your box
  • The intention that once your worries are handed over to the Worry box you will let them go and be open to miracles!

Your special box works by encouraging you to write your feelings down and express them so you aren’t storing them up and making yourself sick with stress and dis-ease.

You can use your Worry box as often as you like, no one is judging – this is between you and the box.  Be honest and vulnerable and feel the fear and anxiety lift.

When you free yourself of fear and worries, you create space for Love and healing, ultimately inspiring others to do the same.

Tash xox

MHS Happiness tip #11 Dream

Hi Happy Spirits!

Here is last weeks tip if you would like a refresher: Happiness tip #10 Play

MHS Happiness tip #11 Dream

Whats dreams or fantasies go round in your head?  When you are sitting waiting for someone or

manifesting dreams

find yourself alone for the afternoon, and you let your mind wander…what are you dreaming of?

Its a great practice to start paying attention to what your deepest desires.  It may be living somewhere exotic, the perfect job, a new mate or maybe your just dreaming of a fabulous new pair of shoes!

What you are dreaming of doesn’t matter, its whether you ever allow yourself to open to the possibility of making your dreams a reality.

There are different types of actions you can take to manifest your dreams into life:


Of course, not all of us can simply pack up and move somewhere exotic, but perhaps you could research a holiday to the destination in your head.  What is it that draws you to this place and how you create this feeling in your life now?

Or maybe, you could update your resume and seek someone who has your dream job and find out how they got there.  Its all about doing something, shaking things up and telling the universe you want this.


Perhaps low self esteem and confidence stops you from taking action or believing you are worthy of living your dreams.  Start by creating something like a vision board of your dream.  Find a picture that truly envelopes your fantasy and make it your screen saver/wallpaper on your pc/phone.  Get used to looking at your dream and how it makes you feel when you see it all the time.

Start changing the conversation happening in your head so that every time you think of your dream you have an affirmation ready when your ego buts in with its negative chatter.

Repeat to yourself:

“I am open to the possibility of <insert dream here>”

“Everyday I walk towards my dreams”


Tell life what you desire, be 100% honest.   Its easiest when you put your ego to the side and just say what it is you dream of, describe it and feel the joy and excitement as you speak your dreams.  Then its your turn to listen, be aware of signs and happenings around you.

Life will usually communicate with you in a way that is easy for you.  For example, you might see repetitive signs popping up every where or dream vividly shortly after.  Some people get ideas randomly turning up in their minds during the day.  That person sitting next to you may just be a source of information you need.  Do not dismiss these signs, as subtle as they are, life is trying to get your attention!

Seeing someone live their dreams is one of the most inspiring things to witness, and it spreads like wild fire.  Live your dreams today and inspire others to do the same.

Share your dreams with us here, what’s your wildest dream?!

Tash xox